Hot Fix Fabric 14'' x 22''

This fabric is the same we use to make our patches ideal to place larger rhinestone transfers on Hats

1.  Place your prepared rhinestone design onto the fabric .  Do not remove the papper backing sheet at this time.

2.  Place the rhinestones onto the Fabric material following the press time and temperature recommendations for the hot fix rhinestones that you are using just like if you were pressing it on a T-shirt put a teflon sheet on top and press 

3.  Allow the pressed design to warm then peel the rhinestone transfer tape.

4.  Contour cut the fabric with scissors.

5. Now you can apply your patch onto your garment

  • Load garment onto your press.
  • Peel papper backing
  • Place patch, rhinestones facing up, directly on garment.
  • Press for 14-18 seconds at 320-340F at medium pressure.

  • Item #: HFF-001

Hot Fix Fabric 14'' x 22''

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