Rhinestone Glass Decal Film - 12"x12''

Quality clear rhinestone decal material with an adhesive back for application to vehicle windows and other smooth surfaces.  The material is UV weather resistant allowing it to hold up to hot and cold weather.

Rhinestone Decal Application instructions:

1.  Place your prepared rhinestone design onto the clear glossy side of the rhinestone decal material.  Do not remove the "cloudy" backing sheet at this time.

2.  Press the rhinestones onto the decal material following the press time and temperature recommendations for the hot fix rhinestones that you are using (we recommend the lowes pressure setting possible). 

3.  Allow the pressed design to cool then remove the rhinestone transfer tape.

4.  Contour cut the decal with scissors or an xacto knife.

5.  Clean the surface that the rhinestone decal will be applied to.

6.  Remove the "cloudy" backing sheet from the rhinestone decal exposing the adhesive on the backside.

7.  Apply the decal to the surface either dry (advanced users) or wet.  Rhinestone decals should be applied to a cool surface only.

8.  Using your fingers, push out air bubbles trapped under the rhinestone decal.  Push from the center moving outward.  Trapped bubbles can also be "popped" by making a small hole with an xacto knife, needle or similar sharp object.

9.  Allow the rhinestone decal to dry complete if it was applied wet.


1.  We recommend a test run prior to going into production.  If the rhinestones seem to fall off the decal too easily, either increase the heat press pressure or press time.

2.  If too much hot fix adhesive is showing on the decal after application of the rhinestones, reduce the heat press pressure.

3.  If you are applying different size rhinestones to the decal, apply the smallest stones first.  If you try to press small and large rhinestones at the same time, the small rhinestones will not receive the pressure needed for proper application is best to use designs with just one stone size.

4.  When applying a rhinestone decal to a vehicle, place in an area where it will receive less contact in a car wash.  The rhinestones can and will fall off the decal if they are picked at or rubbed with too much force.

  • Item #: GDF-1001

Rhinestone Glass Decal Film - 12"x12''

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