Rhinestone Replacement Kit

Box size 7"L 1.25"W x 1"H


  • Red: 10ss 16ss
  • Fuchsia: 10ss 16ss
  • Gold: 10ss 16ss
  • Royal Blue: 10ss 16ss
  • Green: 10ss 16ss
  • Black: 10ss 16ss
  • AB Clear: 10ss 16ss
  • Orange: 10ss 16ss
  • Clear: 6ss 10ss 16ss 20ss
  • One pair of tweezers

If you like to repalce any color please let us know in the "Special Instructions" during check out.

ONLY include colors from our list and let us know what color you like us to replace.

Click here to see all colors.

  • Item #: SP-105

Rhinestone Replacement Kit

Price: $45.00
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