Silver Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

Sold by yards and sheets.

5 Yards roll $37.25 each roll.

 Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl:

Good elasticity, thin and brilliant metallic color, excellent wash-durability and easy to cut and weed and it has an effect of hot stamping foil.

  • Adheres To : 100% Cotton, 100% polyester, All Poly/Cotton Blends
  • Heat Press Temperature : 310°F - 320°F
  • Heat Press Time : 10-12 seconds
  • Heat Press Pressure : Medium Pressure
  • Peel: cold, cover and repress for 3 seconds
  • Washing : Do not dry clean. Keep it under 175º F
  • Cutting Blade : 45º/60º blade (mirror)
  • Elasticity : Yes 



  • Item #: SMHTV-02

Silver Soft Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

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